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We often tend to leave our things in our cars. Some of these things never get out of the vehicle. For items that might be making a mess in the car, we have the car mesh organizer. You can fix this organizer in your car by using 3 m glue paste and pit all the chit-bits like phone, USB cable, cigarette packs, earphones, etc. Since the product has excellent elasticity, more things can fit into it as it seems. The car would look tidier, and you would find everything in place.

With the car mesh organizer, you can make your vehicle look cleaner and neater. Organize everything and make it look classy! Additionally, the best part is that this organizer will make it easier for you to find things in your car.


  • A simple solution for keeping things in a car, organized.
  • Made of mesh so you can see through the products
  • Sticks in a car using an adhesive
  • Does not take much space
  • Highly elastic and made of durable material


  • Dimension: 150 mm * 80 mm
  • Color:Black

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